I?m getting a Nord Electro 3!

I?m very excited!

I will very shortly be getting a 73-key Nord Electro 3*. This will replace my Casio WK-3000, which in turn replaced a Wurlitzer 200 which sadly had to be retired due to its weight, age and the strange and non-musical noises that it made while warming up (the Wurly is owned jointly by my band, The Skanx, and hopefully we will continue to use it for songwriting, rehearsal and recording).

Although it was my sole keyboard when I joined the Skanx, I have been using the Casio exclusively for its Wurlitzer sound for about a year, along with the band?s Roland VK-7 drawbar organ and my Stylophone S1 (see review on this blog). The Casio WK-3000 and its newer relatives actually have a pretty good Wurly sound for the price, but the Nord will take it to a new level of authenticity.

When I joined The Skanx about four years ago, I made a deliberate choice to only use organ and Wurlitzer sounds. This gives our music a distinctive edge ? many other ska and reggae bands use an acoustic piano sound. It?ll be interesting to see whether the Nord Electro leads me to try out its Vox or Farfisa sounds or if I reserve the non-Wurly sounds for my own musical projects.

Expect to see a full review of the Nord Electro 3 on this blog very soon!

*If you don?t know what a Nord Electro 3 is, it?s a modern digital keyboard containing functional models of Hammond, Vox and Farfisa organs, plus accurate multisamples of Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Yamaha electric pianos, Hohner Clavinet and Mellotron sounds. It?s made in Sweden. And it?s red.

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  1. David says:

    Make sure you get a set of those cool accessory legs! They complete the whole Combo vibe. Just imagine how hard to find they?re going to be in 40 years time.

  2. Sandy Alexander says:

    I think you are going to be very happy with your Electro; the Wurlitzer sound is great, and you will be able to tweak it all you want to get the exact voice you need. What may happen as well, is that you may find you don?t need to haul the VK-7 around as it will become redundant for producing the Hammond sounds which are the Nord?s forte. If I might make a suggestion, try to run the Electro in stereo for the organ; it will greatly improve the Leslie effect and really allow that sound to swirl around the room.

    Sandy A

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Sandy! At the moment I?m going to continue using the VK-7, simply because many of our songs use piano and organ at the same time (or without enough time to change sounds, even by pressing a button!). But the Nord may well end up providing my main Hammond sound for songs that don?t use piano. As far as stereo goes, it?s just not how I work at the moment. I have an 80-watt keyboard amp which I use as a mixer and monitor – one input each for piano, organ and Stylophone, and then I just take a DI to the desk, so I have overall control of the keyboard balance. But if I do any solo stuff (outside the band), I will certainly try the organ in stereo!


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