Logos. Plain and simple.
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OK. You want a logo. We know that because you've come to this page. But why do you want one? In other words, what is a logo for?

Well, to put it simply, a logo could be described as the public face of a business - it is often the first thing that a potential client will see. A logo should therefore be unique, easy to recognise, and memorable.

"Anyone can design a logo - that's what WordArt™ is for!"

If you type your company name in Times Roman and call it a logo, you might as well have scribbled it in felt pen.

At AlphaBeck we take into account the type of business, the image to be conveyed and practical considerations often overlooked even by major corporations. For example, AlphaBeck logo designs normally include a monochrome EPS version suitable for foil blocking, faxing or embossing.

Once a logo design has been finalised it should never be re-created by company staff or unofficially modified in any way. To do so undermines the identity which the logo represents.

For this reason, we provide a full set of guidelines with your finished logo. We tell you which format is best for professional print material; what to use in PowerPoint™ or Word™ and what works best on the Web. We provide a variety of bitmap sizes to ensure that your logo looks fantastic on the Web. We tell you exactly what colours to use on screen, on paper and even Pantone™ references for printing using "spot" colours.

Our logo designs cost £75. This price is for a unique, custom-designed logo, not a ready-made design.

All logos are supplied in EPS vector format that can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. Price also includes:

  • up to 6 preliminary design concepts
  • up to 10 revisions to chosen concept (additional revisions charged per hour)
  • guidance notes for use
  • full set of colour references (RGB, CMYK and Pantone™)
  • assorted-sized antialiased bitmap versions (GIF and PNG) for Web and Powerpoint™ use
  • WMF version for Word™
  • monochrome and white EPS versions (where appropriate)
  • Any extra versions of the logo required (e.g. specified sizes of bitmap, additional file formats) on request for six months

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